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How Much Does It Cost to Epoxy Garage Floors?

cost to epoxy garage floors

There are many different methods for epoxy coating garage floors. These techniques include using water-based, solvent, and solid epoxy. Some contractors also use specialized protective gear such as spiked shoes and power washers. These tools are used in the process, but they will increase the labor cost. Usually, contractors own the tools they use, but you may want to consider renting them from a contractor.

Water-based epoxy

When considering a water-based epoxy garage floor, it is important to know exactly how much it will cost to have it done. This coating is not a quick fix, and if done improperly, can result in blinding reflections and echoes. Professional contractors are usually able to provide the proper preparation for a water-based epoxy garage floor.

The initial cost of installing a water-based epoxy garage floor is between $24 and $54 per square foot. This cost includes the materials and labor for installation. You should also factor in the cost of storing possessions on the floor, painting it, and sealing it.

Solid epoxy

If you’re looking to improve your garage floor on a budget, a water-based epoxy kit is a great choice. Just make sure you have realistic expectations. Low-cost kits tend to get a bad reputation. The low prices create the illusion of higher quality, but it often leads to unhappy customers. They are likely to tell other people about their bad experience.

Choosing a professional epoxy coating contractor can help you minimize mistakes. Do-it-yourselfers often don’t have the necessary experience and knowledge of how to install epoxy flooring.

Solvent epoxy

If you are thinking about changing your garage floor, you may be wondering how much epoxy flooring costs. For a one-car garage, it can cost anywhere from $750 to $3,000, but a large garage can cost up to $6,000 or more. The cost of epoxy is dependent on the type of flooring you choose, as well as the number of square feet you’re looking to cover.

The cost of epoxy garage floors will vary, but the general range is $0.25 to $0.50 per square foot. This includes the prep work for a smooth and debris-free concrete surface. It will also include rinsing and degreasing. In some cases, a mild acid is also applied to prepare the concrete for an epoxy coating.

Methyl methacrylate

Methyl Methacrylate, or MMA, is a polymer flooring material that is 100% non-porous. It is a monolithic coating composed of resin that binds to form a completely smooth, pinhole-free surface. It is durable and chemical-resistant, making it ideal for high traffic areas. MMA flooring is also available in an exciting array of colours and finishes.

Although MMA flooring is expensive, its long-term benefits make it well worth the investment. The material’s strength and durability is similar to urethane and epoxy, and it is also resistant to temperature changes. Typically, you’ll pay $5 to $12 per square foot for MMA flooring.

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