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Garage Epoxy Floor Kit

garage epoxy floor kit

Whether you need to repair or repaint the garage floors in your home, an epoxy floor kit can help you get the job done right. The kit includes six gallons of epoxy and three gallons of primer. The colors shown are digital representations, but they may not match the actual product.

Water-based vs solvent-based

When it comes to choosing a garage epoxy floor kit, there are several factors to consider. Some types require specific surface preparation before they can be applied. For example, some types of epoxy resin need to be primed, which is a necessary step before the epoxy can be applied.

Solvent-based epoxy kits tend to be more durable and more environmentally friendly than water-based kits. However, they can be more difficult to apply and require a longer application process. Solvent-based epoxy can also be more expensive than water-based kits.

UV protection

Garage epoxy floor kits come with a variety of benefits. For one thing, these floors will withstand heavy foot traffic for many years to come. They will also be resistant to chemicals, heavy wear, and standing water. Moreover, these kits have no chemical odors or VOCs and can be easily cleaned with mineral spirits.

Typical garage epoxy floor kits will cover the floor with a clear epoxy resin. It comes in two components, which you must mix to form a solid, tough layer. The result is a floor that is highly durable and low-maintenance.


If you want a garage floor that is easy to maintain and look great, consider investing in a garage epoxy floor kit. These kits feature a two-part epoxy formula that is ideal for all types of spaces. It offers a glossy, durable finish that is easy to clean. It also adds a layer of protection against chemicals and hot tires. Once the epoxy is applied, it needs 24 hours or more to completely cure. The process may require more than one person, depending on the area. The end result is a showroom-quality finish that will enhance the look of your garage.

An epoxy coating is much thicker than paint and creates a solid bond with the concrete. To apply it, you must prepare the floor properly. This coating will withstand the elements and be durable for several years. It is also resistant to chemicals, chips, and damage.


Purchasing an epoxy floor kit for your garage can cost anywhere from $50 to over $1,000. This amount does not include the labor involved in applying the coating to your garage floor. You should also be aware that there are certain things you need to do before installing the epoxy coating. For example, you should make sure that your garage is leveled before applying the coating. This can help prevent your garage epoxy from discoloring.

Before applying an epoxy coating, you must first acid wash or etch the concrete floor to remove any stains or other dirt. This process can cost up to $54 per three-gallon kit. Also, make sure to clear away all belongings from your garage before applying the coating. You can also rent a storage unit to store your belongings during the process. Depending on the size of the space, you can spend as much as $50 per month on a storage unit.

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