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3 Suppliers of GRP and Clear Epoxy Resin in Ireland

resin supplies ireland

Located in Cork, Ireland, Glassfibre and Resin Supplies supplies a large range of materials for GRP users. Established in 1972, they have over 45 years of experience in the supply industry. The company is family owned and run, and is located 12 miles east of Cork City.

Glassfibre and Resin Supplies

Located in Midleton, Co Cork, Glass fibre and resin supplies offers a wide range of GRP and epoxy resins. They are a family owned business with over 45 years’ experience in the industry. Their range of products also includes pigments, moulding and laminating resins.

The invention relates to a process for the manufacture of glass fibre-reinforced plastics articles. The process involves the blending of glass fibres and liquids forming ingredients, and the moulding of the mixture into reinforced plastics articles. In particular, the invention relates to a method of manufacturing reinforced plastics articles using a process that produces a filamentary glass fibre.

Filamentary glass fibres are particularly useful for applications in the 1.5 to 3 mm length range. They can be obtained in the form of thin filaments, or as a slurry. They are also compatible with the plastics-forming ingredients, and can be readily included in the mixture.

The slurry can be prepared by blending fibres and liquid in a dough mixer, or in a mixing bucket. Alternatively, thinner pastes can be prepared using paddle stirers. In any case, it is important to use a sufficient amount of loading. The loading should be between 5 and 20%.

The length of the fibres in the slurry should be about 40 to 50%. In some cases, other particulate filler materials can be added. The slurry should be diluted with a solution of water, and it should be pressed to a smooth surface.

The glass fibres can be included in the plastics-forming ingredients through impingement mixing. Impingement mixing involves the injection of a liquid plastics-forming mixture with a chopped glass fibre in filamentary form. The mixture is then introduced into the mould and allowed to react. The amount of loading can be determined by the temperature of the liquid and the amount of hardener. If the hardener is too high, significant heat will be produced.

The invention also includes a method for manufacturing glass fibre-reinforced plastics products using a process that produces a slurry. The method includes the blending of glass fibres and liquids compatible with the plastics-forming ingredients, a process of moulding the mixture into reinforced plastics articles, and the embedding of the mixture into a surface.

Clear Epoxy Resin

Buying Clear Epoxy Resin supplies in Ireland doesn’t have to be a cumbersome process. There are many specialist dealers who carry a large selection of quality products. You can also buy online, where you can find a huge variety of Clear Epoxy Resin supplies at great prices.

Epoxy resins are used in a variety of applications. They are great for protecting sensitive wooden surfaces. They also are excellent for sealing tables, cutting boards, and countertops. They are also used in resin art, such as resin geodes.

Epoxy resins are available at many DIY stores, or you can buy them online. Some of the best epoxy resins are able to resist UV radiation. They are also non-toxic and odorless, which makes them a great choice for your craft projects. They are also highly resistant to scratches and abrasion damage.

Epoxy resins are also great for casting. This is because they are flexible, and they are easily applied to surfaces. They are also able to be paired with alcohol inks. This is a great way to add some color to your project.

The best thing about epoxy resin is that it can be used to create many different types of products. You can use it to make coasters, trinket bowls, doorknobs, serving trays, and paperweights.

You can also use epoxy resins to embed objects into your projects. This can be done by combining the resin with an alcohol ink. The epoxy resin can also be used to seal countertops and tables.

When shopping for Clear Epoxy Resin supplies in Ireland, you should also be sure that the product you are buying is safe to use. It is important to wear safety glasses, a breathing mask with a filter, and a pair of gloves. You should also read the instructions on the package.

There are many things to know about epoxy resins, including the pot life, or the time span that the resin can be processed. Some resins are able to cure in a short amount of time, while others require a week or more for complete curing.


Typically, Jesmonite is used in the form of decorative sculptures. It is also used as a base for painting or plastering, and is a good candidate for making an homage to your favorite band or movie. In the building trade, it is used as a lightweight and durable panel for interior and exterior applications.

Jesmonite is a composite material that is comprised of gypsum, acrylic resin and water. It is a non-toxic material that is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. The main drawback is the fact that it is prone to splinters and cracks. A sealer is essential to prevent this from happening. The composite material is also known to be durable and fire resistant. It is also a good candidate for a variety of applications from decorative castings to lamination.

In the context of the building trade, Jesmonite is a chameleon material that will suit most projects. It can be used in the most mundane applications such as in the bathroom, but it can also be used in the most ambitious projects. For example, the composite material is ideal for cast decorative moldings that can be used in conjunction with Quadaxial Glass and a variety of workability control agents. Typical inclusion rates are two grams to eight grams per kilo of mix. Jesmonite’s most notable properties include the ability to be shaped into a wide variety of architectural components, the ability to be painted and sealed, and the ability to mimic the texture and appearance of stone and metal. The composite material is also resistant to impact and fire, a notable feature that is especially important for architects and builders working in high-risk areas. In short, Jesmonite is a composite building material that is safe to use. It may be the best material you can use for your next project.


Having been supplying fibreglass supplies in Ireland for over twenty years, Tricel offers a comprehensive product portfolio. From fibreglass flat roofing to marine repairs, Tricel has the experience to provide you with the right material for your project. Besides offering the widest range of fibreglass kits, Tricel also supplies fibreglass raw materials, pre-pigmented gel, and a variety of topcoats in over 300 colours.

Tricel supplies a wide variety of epoxy resins. These epoxy resins are ideal for decorative purposes, such as river resin tables, as well as for furniture manufacturing and interior design. The epoxy resins supplied by Tricel are manufactured with the highest quality, and are incredibly durable. They also offer two clear epoxy resin systems, which can be used to create decorative parts for furniture. With a number of depots around the UK and Ireland, Tricel has a place to accommodate any of your fibreglass supplies needs.

Tricel is a leading supplier of fibreglass kits, fibreglass raw materials, and topcoats in Ireland. All orders are shipped directly to Ireland from their depot in Newry.

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