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Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors

Industrial epoxy floor coating contractors

Having an industrial epoxy floor coating contractor come in and do a job for you will ensure that you have a floor that is easy to clean and will also last for years to come. There are many different options for industrial floor coating and you should do your homework and find the company that is right for you. You should also ensure that they are a reputable company and have a great reputation in the business.

Self-leveling epoxy fills voids and cracks

Having a smooth epoxy coating on your floor will help reduce the chance of cracks and voids forming. A self-leveling epoxy floor coating requires a little more work than a standard coating, but will provide a much smoother surface. The key is priming and surface preparation.

Self-leveling epoxy is not for every project. It can be a little expensive and requires a good deal of knowledge and experience to be done properly.

You will need to use a two-component self-leveling epoxy floor coating in order to create a smooth surface. FLEXI-MATRIX 545 is an odorless, moisture-insensitive epoxy that is designed to be applied over wood, steel, or concrete. It can be used under both wet and dry conditions and provides a good level of protection.

Urethane cements are stronger than epoxy

Whether you’re looking for a new floor or resurfacing your existing one, you’ll want to know whether urethane or epoxy floor coating contractors are the best choices for your situation. Both offer excellent durability and non-slip properties, but there are differences in performance.

Urethane is a great choice for high-traffic areas. It’s flexible, durable, and resistant to chemicals and acids. It’s also resistant to abrasions and thermal shock. It’s often used in manufacturing, food processing, and automotive industries.

However, epoxy has a few advantages over urethane. It’s easier to apply, less expensive, and stronger. It also provides a harder impact-resistant floor. While it’s stronger, epoxy can fade and crack over time. It’s less suitable for heavy equipment and industrial applications. It also doesn’t provide the same UV resistance as a urethane concrete sealer.


Using polyurea for an industrial epoxy floor coating can produce results that will last for years. It is also a green product that will be safe for your employees and customers.

Polyurea is made from two basic chemical ingredients: isocyanate and a resin blend. Isocyanate is an aliphatic compound that is crucial to the UV stability of polyurea.

Compared to epoxy, polyurea has a faster set time and is more flexible. This makes it ideal for industrial applications that involve a large change in weight or temperature.

Polyurea has ultra-low VOCs, and can be easily applied to concrete. It is also waterproof, and will not peel. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces. Unlike epoxy, polyurea will not discolor in direct sunlight.

Polyaspartic can protect floors from deterioration from forklift traffic

Using a polyaspartic coating is a great way to protect your floors from the deterioration that can occur from forklift traffic. Forklifts weigh over three times as much as an average car and exert a great amount of pressure on the floor. This pressure can create navigational hazards, lead to slip and fall accidents, and can damage the floor over time.

Polyaspartic coatings are also durable and provide excellent structural protection. They can protect your floors from UV damage, stains, and cracks. They are also easy to clean. You can use chemical detergents to clean them.

Polyaspartic coatings have low VOC’s, which is great for the environment. They also have excellent flexibility and resistance to chemical attack. They are also very fast-curing, which is ideal for busy areas.

EP Floors

Using industrial epoxy floor coating in your industrial environment is a great way to provide safety and clean up for your workers. With the right industrial epoxy floor coating, you can provide a durable surface that will last for years.

One of the best ways to protect your industrial facility from harsh chemicals is to use a coating that is durable and chemical resistant. This is particularly important in industrial environments where forklifts are used to transport materials and where workers are at risk of falling from moving machinery.

Having a reflective surface is also a great way to save on electricity bills. You can use it to mark areas that need to be cleaned or to guide pedestrians.

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