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The Cost of Epoxy Garage Floors

cost to epoxy garage floors

The cost of epoxy garage floors can vary based on a variety of factors. The size of your garage, the type of epoxy used, and how much work you want to do are all factors that can affect the price.

One of the biggest considerations when choosing an epoxy garage floor coating is how durable the coating is. A good epoxy should have a high abrasion rating, which means it will withstand heavy loads and abrasion from things like wheel rims and tools.

Investing in a quality epoxy system is the best way to protect your floor and keep it looking good for years to come. There are several types of epoxy to choose from, including water-based and solvent-based options.

A Two-Part Epoxy Coating

The most durable of all the garage-floor coatings is a two-part epoxy that contains a base material (usually a hardener) and an adhesive. Using this type of floor coating will make your floor look like a rock-hard surface, but it will also be extremely durable and resistant to chemicals and moisture.

This type of garage flooring is the most expensive, but it’s also the most durable and easy to clean. It’s also the most customizable, as you can choose from a variety of colors and textures.

A Solid Color Epoxy Garage Floor

Another option is a solid-color epoxy floor that uses a base coat and flakes of colored acrylic paint to create a look that’s both aesthetically pleasing and very durable. You can get these flakes from many places, including home improvement stores and local hardware stores.

You can use these flakes in any epoxy kit, so you can add them to your own or hire someone else to do it for you. A standard pound of flakes is around $6-$16, but you’ll need about 4 pounds for a two-car garage.

Pebble-Epoxy Mixtures

For a more unique look, you can add pebbles to your garage floor epoxy. You can buy pebbles in a range of sizes at a hardware store or from brick, paving, and concrete suppliers. You can also find pebbles that have a metallic tint, so you can achieve a marble-like effect.

A Pebble-Epoxy Mixture Compared to a Solid Color

A pebble-epoxy mix is a great option for people who are looking for something with a more rustic and natural look to it. These epoxy floors are typically very durable and can handle heavy loads.

These garage floor coatings are easier to clean than traditional concrete and tend to be more sanitary as well. However, they are also more difficult to apply and take longer to dry and cure.

They’re also more expensive, ranging from $250 to $300 for a kit to apply to a one-car garage. They emit fumes and require thorough ventilation, which can be an issue for some homeowners.

If you’re looking for a more affordable way to have an epoxy garage floor, consider using a water-based epoxy. These are less expensive than 100-percent solids epoxy, and they’re much easier to work with. They also have a wider temperature window than 100-percent solids, which allows them to be installed year round in most states.

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